beautiful bedroom designs 2017

beautiful bedroom designs 2017

we're big advocates of doing more with lessstuff, constantly encouraging you to declutter and pare down. well, that's great, unless you need the stuff! if you have a tiny bedroom and you've pareddown as much as you can, you might need to makeover your storage so you can fit not justmore stuff, but fit stuff more comfortably. here are five smart ways to fit more storagein your bedroom without making it feel too cramped. 1.maximize under the bed — and hide it feng shui experts will probably cringe at

the idea of putting stuff under the bed, butit's simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to add a whole area of storage to yoursleep space. if you don't currently have any storage, you'vegot several options: a new storage bed an under-the-bed storage solution 3.raise your current bed and add storage containers (and consider buying or diying them black or gray so that they aren't so blindingly"storage container-y" or adding a bed skirt to hide).

2.organize your dresser like a pro we can't stress enough the use of great folding and drawer dividers. taking the time to properly store the clothingyou've got in your dresser right now could grab you more storage space today. but also consider other more extreme storagemethods, like vacuum packing out-of-season clothing (i know some people hate them, buti'm a huge fan for keeping my winter clothes from being too bulky). 3.find unused space in your closet

how well is your closet organized? are you milking every inch of storage spacethat you could in there? if you don't own your home, you might be hesitantto drill lots of holes for more shelves, but even renters have access to more clothingrods, over-the-door hangers and other super storage tools. 4.use double duty furniture in your bedroom small storage cabinets instead of a table, a floating drawer instead of just a shelf— even your nightstand can double as extra storage if you let it.

it's true, small bedroom spaces probably meansless space for a nightstand and other furniture, but instead of something streamlined, tryto fit some storage in a spot if you can. 5.splurge on a wardrobe wall it's not the cheapest option, and might even seem crazy if you've got a really small bedroomfloor plan to begin with, but installing shallow wardrobes along a whole wall will create acozy feel to the entire room while it adds storage, rather than feel bulky like a bigpiece of furniture solo might feel. installed in a light color could help fightthe claustrophobic feel.